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What is the Farm Business Development Initiative?

The Farm Business Development Initiative (FBDI) is delivered by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture as part of the Growing Forward bilateral agreement.

The Program's Mandate:

To help farmers obtain information, training and consulting services that will enhance their ability to make sound business decisions, increase their profitability and achieve their goals.

The initiative focuses on adopting or improving progressive farm business management practices in the areas of:
Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Production Economics, Human Resources, Financial Management, Succession Planning, Business Structure, Environmental Strategy, Risk Assessment.

Program Components - Information

Information regarding the nine progressive farm business management practices is available to producers. A series of workshops and seminars relating to the progressive farm business management practices will be held across the province. This information can be accessed through the Ministry's Regional Farm Business Management specialists.

Training and Consulting

Farmers can access training and consulting services related to the nine progressive farm business management practices. Farmers may apply for financial support toward the expenses pertaining to training or consulting services. The maximum benefit is $4,000 per eligible farmer.

Who is eligible?

1. A Saskatchewan resident who is at least 18 years of age
2. Who has actively farmed during the past six years and has reported at least $35,000 in gross farming income on an income tax return, in at least one of those years; or
Has farmed for less than six years and can demonstrate that the farming operation can generate gross farming income of $35,000 or more within the next 36 months.

How to apply?

Applying is simple, one of our advisors can guide you through the process. Just fill out this quick form

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