Farm Business Development Initiative for Young Farmers

This program is designed to:

  • * Help young farmers under the age of 40 to adopt progressive farm business management practices and strategies in nine areas - business strategies, marketing, production economics, human resources, financial management, succession planning, business structure, risk assessment and the environment;
  • * Help farm businesses to realistically examine their current farm business management practices;
  • * Help young farmers in identifying needs, setting goals and determining actions to improve their farm business using progressive farm business management practices; and
  • * Help young farmers obtain information, training and consulting services to assist in making sound business decisions, enhancing profitability and achieving goals.

Who is eligible for benefits?

SaskWorks Fund
An eligible applicant is a person who:

  • * Is a Saskatchewan resident and files their Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Income Tax and Benefit Return in Saskatchewan or can provide similar proof of residency documentation to the program; and
  • * Is between 18 and 39 years of age; and
  • * Provides a completed Application for Financial Benefit on a form prescribed by the Ministry; and
  • * Can demonstrate that they already generate gross farming income of $35,000 or more; or
  • * Owns or controls (by written agreement) productive agricultural assets (land, buildings, machinery, livestock) and can demonstrate, in a format acceptable to the Ministry of Agriculture, that their farming operation can generate gross farming income of $35,000 or more within the next 36 month timeframe.
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